No. Cluster of Expected Learning Outcome (CELO) Description
1. Muhammadiyah Values Able to display moral and ethical attitudes based on
Islamic values in academic and social activities
2. Islamic and Community Perspective Able to implement Islamic values and community
perspectives in the application of psychology
3. Citizenship and General Competencies Able to contribute to solving problems in society by
using a scientific approach and respect for differences
as a form of the obligation of responsible
4. Psychometric and General Psychology Able to conduct psychological measurements and
develop measurement instruments to make decisions
for solving problems in the field of psychology
5. Mental Health Able to conduct psychological interventions by using
several methods in accordance with a code of ethics in
6. Organization Development and Individual Performance (ODIP) Able to master the concepts of industrial and
organizational psychology and to develop themselves
and careers according to personal and organizational
7. Life Span Grow and Development Able to carry out stimulation according to the stage of
development and detection of developmental obstacle
8. Learning Education Able to master the basic concepts of learning
psychology in the context of education
9. Community and Social Dynamic Able to conduct community-based assessments and interventions as an effort to improve community mental health