Psychology Lecturers, Staff and Students attend Emergency Response Training and Simulation

”  Knowledge of risk analysis will be useful to minimize accidents  ” Explained Dr. Zahrul Mufrodi, ST, MT as a Chemical Engineering lecturer at UAD in his speech . In order to meet the requirements Visitas ASEAN U niversity Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA), UAD HRD organizes training fire fighting and disaster simulation . Inviting d osen representatives , staff and students from each faculty . The simulations implemented for 2 stages, on 23/04/21 and 24/04/21 .


Octo Noor Arafat, S.IP. head of the Yogyakarta City Fire and Rescue Service . Revealed, “ prevention is better than overcoming . Lets equally manifest Jogja  safe and comfortable habitation for everyone . The knowledge that you get today can be passed on to the people around us ” . He said in the opening of fire fighting training and disaster simulation.

This activity was completed with field practice . Led by the Yogyakarta fire team. Participants are also allowed to try out how to put out a fire with gunny sacks, fire extinguishers and hydrants .

praktek pemadaman api

Anis Luthfiyah, a psychology student , was given the opportunity to directly practice extinguishing fires . ” Iam so glad to be here, I can the new science of disaster mitigation and fire. Moreover, I got the opportunity to volunteer to put out fires in the simulation. Hopefully there is more training full disaster mitigation (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.). so I’ll be better prepared. but overall fun ”

pelatihan simulasi gempa

Change topic. Participants are introduced to a pa was a natural disaster by Muji Raharjo as Head of Disaster Management . Knowing right factors of disasters and to share his story Jogja earthquake in 2006.  Muji said to be constantly alert . ” Living in Yogyakarta means adjacent to the disaster .” Drs. Aris Yulianto added an explanation about how to save yourself from the earthquake . As well as earthquake simulation practice. This is done to ensure that the participants comprehend explanations that have been submitted .